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Course Objective:

The paper intends to introduce the students the basic concepts, history and scope of print  journalism. It also enhances the students in editing the text of print & electronic media.

Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1: get complete information about basics like the History of journalism, objectives and news functions of Journalism and the ethics and standards of a journalist.

CO2: have significant knowledge about the structure of the news room and its role with the news values and functions of news, concept of news and types of news.

CO3: an in-depth understanding of how to conduct interviews and the various forms of reporting for News.

CO4: gain knowledge on concepts related to Print Media like editorials, political cartoons and Anatomy of a newspaper.

CO5: detailed understanding of various writing techniques like Feature writing, web writing and article writing.


Unit I  Introduction to Journalism

Journalism – Definition – History of journalism – India and World, objectives and functions of Journalism – main functions of journalism  -Role of Journalism – Qualities of a journalist- Ethics and standards.

Unit II Structure and Scope of News                                                                       

Structure of the news roomStructuring the news – Different styles –- Editing for Space, Facts and Language – Style sheet – News values and functions of news – Concept of news and types of news.

Unit III Reporting& Editing

Art of Collecting News – Beats – Court reporting – Health reporting –  Civil reporting -Political reporting – Science and technology reporting – Sport reporting – Qualities of Reporters – News collecting from Executive – Art of Interviewing – Different types of interviews.Art ofEditing –- News writing techniques – Inverted pyramid structure.

Unit IV Print Media                                                                       10

Concepts related to newspapers – anatomy of a newspaper – masthead- teasers – headlines – lead – body copy  – bylines – hard news – soft news -Editorial page –Editorials – Letters to the editor – Op-ed page -Political cartoons -Ad-news ratio.

Unit V Journalistic Writing Techniques

Views page – Editorial structuring – Analysis of facts – Various forms of editorials – Features form and contents – Types of features – Articles – Form and Contents – Columns – Letters to the editor – Reviews – Film, Book and Art and Literature – web writing.


Total: 45 Hrs