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Course Objective:

To provide an understanding about the concept of “Communication” and to study the key elements in a communication process. Through various communication theories students will be able to understand how technology influences communication and the major characteristics of media.

Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1: Understand the visual communication and the various factors that affect the communication system.

CO2:  Gain knowledge about perception.

CO3: Understand semiotics sign and sign system.

CO4: Understand creativity & Visual communication and lateral thinking.

CO5: Gain knowledge in application of Visual communication in commercial context.



Visual Communication- definition & concept; historical development of  Visual Communication; nature & functions of Visual Communication; characteristics of Visual Communication; types of visual communication- graphic design, art, photography &multimedia; advantages & disadvantages of visual communication; visual communication techniques-eye contact, hand gesture, body language, elements of visual communication.


Perception- definition & concept; Types of Perception- Visual Perception & Graphical Perception; Visual Perception- definition & concept- Illusions- Basics of Illusion; Types of Illusion- Visual Illusion, Perspective Illusions, Geometric Illusions, Colour & Irradiation Illusions; Gestalt theory- definition & concept; Gestalt principles- Similarity, Continuation, Closure, Proximity, Figure and Ground.


Semiotics- definition & concept; Types of Semiotics- Sign & Code; Sign- definition; Modes of Sign- Icon, Index & Symbol; Saussurean model of Sign; Code- definition; Types of Code- Social codes, Textual codes & Interpretive codes; Branches of SemioticsSemantics, Syntactics & Pragmatics; Denotation, Connotation & Myth.


Observation and Practical: Ideation- definition & concept; Creativity- definition & concept-Characteristics & Process- Creativity Tools- Approaches to Creativity; Innovation definition & concept; Lateral thinking- definition & concept; Lateral Thinking & Vertical Thinking; Creativity & Visual Communication; Process of developing ideas to different medium.

Unit V:

Evolution of visual communication through films and other forms. Application of Visual communication in commercial context. 3-D Visuals, Animation, Mobile Media (MobMe), satellite TV, DTH TV and Visual Communication.


Total :60 Hrs