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118BGA001Typography and Calligraphy
318BGA003Stop Motion Animation
418BGA004Simulation for Games
518BGA0053D Animation
618BGA006Creative Color Correction
718BGA007Indian Traditional Arts
818BGA008Colour theory and Composition
918BGA009Creative Script Writing
1018BGA010Poster Design

S. No.CodeCourse
115LEN003Foundation English – III
215LEN004Foundation English – IV
315BAN201Advanced Animation
415EVS201Environmental Studies Paper-I
515BCC251Ethics and values

S. No.CodeCourse
215BCA156Internet Basics
315BCA153Office Automation tools
415BCA155Advanced Excel
515BHM153Tourism Management
6Consumer Affairs
7Disaster Management

S. No.CodeCourse
115BPD251Personality Development -I
215BPD252Personality Development -II
315BPD253Personality Development -III
415NSS255NSS – I
515NSS256NSS – II
615NSS257NSS – III
715NSS258NSS – IV
815NSS259NSS – V
915NSS260NSS – VI