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For a period of one month (150 Hours of Work Experience), students will be attached to the media industry on an Internship basis, with the objective to expose them to actual situations and day to day functioning of the media industry. The interns will be exposed to the particular area of specialization already chosen. The faculty of the department in coordination will closely monitor progress of the interns with the guides in the media industry. 

Course Outcome:

CO1: Giving an opportunity to explore various career possibilities in Visual communication

CO2: opportunity to learn those disciplines, skills and attitudes which can best or only be learned on the job, especially self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility, and initiative.

CO3: Further develops practical skills in a real-world context

CO4: Providing an opportunity to strengthen your portfolio or resume tape with practical experience and projects.

CO5: Providing a learning experience for the student, and can lead to entry level job opportunities within the company


A report and a viva voce will be complete the process of evaluation.

 Project reviews will be conducted during the internship project on regular intervals which would consist of.

  • Weekly Report
  • Presentation 
  • Final Report 
  • Submission of the presentation and final Report Presentation with the Aids and with works of the students.

 Viva through the presentation and subject knowledge.