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Course Objective:

Students will become familiar with the 2D software authoring environment and Flash terminology, and they will gain understanding of fundamental 2D animation software paradigms (Stage, Symbols, Library, Timeline), create animation effects , learn to export and deploy animated content on the Digital display.

Course Outcome:

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1: understanding the principles of animation and concepts of animation

CO2: create 2d characters, 2d digital background, character animation, tween animation and frame by frame animation.

CO3: have knowledge about text animation, motion graphics, info graphics advertisement, 2d short film making.

CO4: create web template, web banner advertisement, pop up advertisement and etc.

CO5:  understanding  2D content making and publishing


Unit  I Creating Graphics

Introducing 2d animation software interface with using  drawing tools, align, Stage, Symbols, colour   swatches, Library, timeline , object properties, text tool attributes, Bitmap, ruler, grid, and fundamental of animation.

Unit II  Advanced Vector Drawing with Setting Colours

 Intersecting Shapes within a Single Layer,  Creating Complex Shapes with Intersecting Lines,  Combining Tools to Create Detailed Curves,  Vector Drawing Techniques  ,  Creating and  arranging Groups  Object-Based Drawing, Working with the Color Mixer, Creating Transparency, Stylizing Strokes  Adjusting Cap, Join, Other Stroke Properties  Applying, Transforming Gradients.

Unit III Basic Timeline Animation

Introducing Frame-Based Animation,  Briefing  Timeline window and properties, Understanding the Key frames,  Animating our creative elements using Key frames, Animation Techniques  using

Onion Skin view, building a Mask without Blend modes in Layers and Basic tweens. Understanding differentiation  of Shape and  Motion Tweens.

UnitIV Advanced Animation Techniques

Understanding the Symbols (Graphics, Movie clip and button), Converting an Object to Symbol, Making a Cloud Layer  in Motion Tweening , Advanced Animation Techniques, Animating a Banner with Filters Text  Animating a Title with a Blur Effect, Setting Up a Motion Guide Path, Controlling Speed, Snapping, Shifting Keyframes to Exaggerate Motion Simulating Speed in your Animations  Understanding  object motion  by Easing In and Out.  

Unit  V 2D content making and publishing

Constructing the scene with effective background and character animation, mixing the music and sound effect relevance scene. Understanding an action scripts, developing the web content with interactive animation in basic and web publishing


Total: 75 Hrs