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NIRAVAL 0 0 4 4

Course Objective:
The objective here is to systematically teach the concept of Niraval, an important component of Manodharma Sangita, methodically in first and second speed

UNIT I                                     10
Ability to render elaborate Niraval for themes set in the following raga-s.
1) Sankarabharanam (2) Bhairavi (3) Saveri
4) Kalyani (5)Todi (6) Purvikalyani

UNIT II                                  10
Ability to isolate characteristic phrases of raga-s from compositions and employ them in niraval.

UNIT III                                10

Notating of niraval renderings in the above ragas-s selected from audio tape recordings.

UNIT IV                                   5

Ability to make a general analysis of the niraval rendering of some well known artists.

UNIT V                                     5

Study of the sanchara-s of the raga-s as revealed in the niraval.

Total:                                       40h


At the end of this course the students will be able to,
CO-1: Understand the concept of niraval

CO-2: Sing niraval in a methodical manner

CO-3: Apply phrases used in alapana into niraval singing

CO-4: Isolate characteristic phrases of ragas from compositions and employ them in niraval

CO-5: Notate the phrases sung in svara form


Manodharma Sangita, Dr. Sripada Pinakapani,Brhaddhvani, 1992
A Rational Approach to Manodharma Sangita, Dr. Radha Venkatachalam, Music Education Trust, New Delhi, 2001