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Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to :

  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of the respective system
  • Understand the disease process
  • Know the signs and symptoms of the disease.
  • Appreciate the various therapeutic regimens with their advantages and disadvantages

Detailed Syllabus and Lecture Wise Program
1) Oncology                     15 Hrs

  • Basic principles of Cancer therapy,
  • General introduction to cancer chemotherapeutic agents, Chemotherapy of breast cancer, leukemia.
  • Management of chemotherapy induced nausea and emesis

2)Dermatology                7 Hrs

  • Pathophysiology and Pharmacotherapeutics of Psoriasis, Scabies, Eczema, Impetigo

3) Women’s Health     10 Hrs

  • Physiology of Menstrual Cycle
  • Contraception – Physical Methods, Chemical Methods, IUDs, and Permanent methods.
  • Disorders related to Menstrual Cycle – Polycystic ovary Syndrome, Dysmenorrhea, Premenstrual Syndrome.
  • Obstetric Drug Therapy – Trimesters of Pregnancy, Common complaints of Pregnancy and their management – nausea, vomiting, reflex esophagitis, Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension and
    Preeclampsia, FDA Categorisation of drugs in Pregnancy
  • Menopause – signs and symptoms and Management

4) Elements of anatomy and Physiology of Vision Etiopathogenesis, diagnostic techniques, clinical manifestations and pharmacotherapeutics of diseases associated with Eye such as

  • Glaucoma
  • Infectious ophthalmic diseases                                                                      8hrs


At the end of the course, the student will be able to
CO1 Identify the clinical signs and symptoms of selected disease states

CO2 Explain the pathophysiology of selected disease states

CO3 Justify the diagnosis arrived based on investigations ordered

CO4 Develop individualized therapeutic plans based on diagnosis

CO5 Identify the patient-specific parameters relevant in initiating drug therapy and monitoring therapy


Text Books

  • Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics – Roger and Walker, Churchill Livingstone publication.
  • Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic approach – Joseph T. Dipiro et al. Appleton & Lange.

Reference Books

  • Pathologic basis of disease – Robins SL, W.B.Saunderspublication.
  • Pathology and therapeutics for Pharmacists: A Basis for Clinical Pharmacy Practice – Green and Harris, Chapman and Hallpublication.
  • Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics – Eric T. Herfindal, Williams and Wilkins Publication.
  • Applied Therapeutics:The clinical Use of Drugs. Lloyd Young and Koda-KimbleMA
  • Avery’s Drug Treatment, 4th Edn, 1997, Adis InternationalLimited.