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17PCBPP24                                    PHARMACY PRACTICE IV

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to

  • Understand the professional roles of pharmacists in community, hospital and clinical pharmacy areas.
  • Understand the professional responsibilities of the pharmacists.
  • Provide the intended services.

Detailed syllabus and lecture wise program

1) Health Accessories                  05 Hrs

  • Study and handling of various common health accessories handled in hospital and community pharmacy. Student should have working knowledge, uses and cautions in using these. (Wheel Chairs, Canes, Crutches, and other orthopedic aids, Bed Pans, Vaporizers, Syringes and Needles, Hot water Bottles, Clinical Thermometers, Trusses, First Aid Supplies, Family Medicine Cabinet, etc.

2) Medical gases – different gases and their use, coding and care of cylinders, delivery of gases to various parts of hospital, domiciliary oxygen services, and role of pharmacist                   03 hrs

3) I.V admixure services and role of Pharmacist   03 hrs

4) Total Parenteral Nutrition – Definition, composition and clinical use of TPN 02 hrs

5) Clinical Reseach –                                                           12 hrs

  • Introduction to Clinical trials Various phases of clinical trial.
  • Methods of post marketing surveillance Abbreviated New Drug Application submission Good Clinical Practice – ICH, GCP,
    – Central drug standard control organisation (CDSCO) guidelines, Schedule Y
    -Composition, responsibilities, procedures of IRB / IEC
  • Role and responsibilities of clinical trial personnel as per ICH GC
    Clinical research associate
    Contract research coordinators
  • Regulatory authority
  • Designing of clinical study documents (protocol, CRF, ICF, PIC with assignment) Informed consent Process

6) Introduction to Biostatistics                                          03hrs

7) Research in pharmacy practice areas.

8) Continuing education for pharmacists                     01 hr

9) Compunding of Pharmaceuticals in the hospital/community pharmacy. Weights and measures, calculations involving percentage solutions, allegation, proof spirit, Isotonic solutions. Bulk compounding in hospitals, pre-packaging.             03Hr

10) Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Formulations in hospital – various aspects, current status                      03 hrs

11) Radiopharmaceuticals – Handling and Packaging, clinical usage, and role of pharmacist                               02 hrs

12) Applications of IT and computers in pharmacy practice                                                                                                 02 hrs

13) Provision of cytotoxic chemotherapy, and various considerations/handling. Handling of cytotoxic waste and disposal. Pharmaceutical (Medicines and allied products) waste management in hospitals, community pharmacy, and the community and the role of the pharmacist.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               03 hrs

14) Medical Devices & I.V. pumps

15) Individualised medicines, Gene therapy, Genomics & proteomics, Biochips, biosensors and MEMS micro electro mechanical systems


At the end of the course, the student will be able to
CO1 Describethe professional roles of pharmacists in community areas.

CO2 Explain the professional responsibilities of the pharmacists.

CO3 Discuss the intended services.

CO4 Describe the professional roles of pharmacists in hospital areas

CO5 Describe the professional roles of pharmacists in clinical pharmacy areas.


  • Practice Standardsand Definitions – The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia.
  • Basic skills in interpreting laboratory data – Scott LT, American Society of Health System PharmacistsInc.
  • Biopharmaceutics and Applied Pharmacokinetics – Leon Shargel, Prentice Hall publication.
  • A text book of Clinical Pharmacy Practice; Essential concepts and skills, Dr.G.Parthasarathi etal, Orient Orient Langram Pvt.Ltd.ISSBN8125026
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