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Program Outcome (PO)

PO1 English Language Knowledge: Students learn how the language originated in England and underwent various processes of development through the ages right from the middle of the 5th century A.D.

PO2 Historical Knowledge: Study of the English Language history enables learners to know the difference between Old English and Modern English in matters of vocabulary, Syntax, grammar and phonology.

PO3 Age based literary knowledge: The Renaissance with its two phases and texts inform learners of the initial stages of both modernity in the English language and thoughts in literature.

PO4 Study of classical literature is given through literature of the neoclassical age.

PO5 The European phenomenon of change of perception of life is imparted through the literature of the Romantic period.

PO6 Students learn of the impact of science on literature through the Victorian and early 20th century writings.

PO7 Writing after 1950s lend information on the psychological impact the thought process of writers underwent in all generic pursuits. Literature of America and India enlighten the learners as to the difference in perceptions about life.

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