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PO1: Understanding essentials of a performing art: Learning the rudiments of a Classical art and the various elements that go into the presentation of such an art.

PO2: Developing theoretical knowledge: Learning the theory that goes behind the practice of a performing art supplements the learner to become a holistic practioner.

PO3: Learning Indian History and Culture: The contribution and patronage of various establishments, the background and evolution of Art in the Indian subcontinent.

PO4: Allied Art forms: An overview of allied fields of art and exposure to the North Indian and folk arts.

PO5: Modern trends: Understanding the modern trends in Classical Arts and the contribution of revolutionaries of this century.

PO6: Contribution to society: Applying knowledge learnt to teach students of future generations in a traditional mode.
Research and Further study: Encouraging further study and research into the field of Classical Art with focus on interdisciplinary study impacting society at large.