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PO1: : Apply knowledge and understanding of principles and concepts of law and other allied disciplines in legal practice (Disciplinary Knowledge).

PO2: Display effective communication skills by preparing case briefs, drafting complex legal documents, and putting forth arguments to win the case; personable, persuasive and polite to the clients (Communication Skills).

PO3:Analyze and evaluate evidence, arguments, claims and beliefs objectively and scientifically using inductive reasoning abilities (Critical Thinking).

PO4: Applying knowledge and skills to solve different kinds of real-life situations and problems by thinking outside the box, especially non-familiar and complex ones (Problem- Solving).

PO5: Ability to analyze and examine set of facts or circumstances, identify flaws, infer truth from given facts using knowledge, skills and deductive reasoning ability (Analytical Reasoning).

PO6: Able to read large amount of information, identify what is relevant, absorbing facts and figures, analyzing material, doing background work on a case, drafting legal documents and advising clients on complicated issues (Research-related Skills).

PO7: Fostering a close working relationship and collaboration with colleagues and people from varied background and from different walks of life, able to working as part of a team with people from all levels of the legal hierarchy (Cooperation/Team Work).

PO8: Demonstrating proficiency in using email; common office software for the purpose of drafting documents, creating presentations or posters; build a database or creating project plan, online communication tools and making use of AI and Blockchain technologies to perform various legal tasks (Digital Literacy).

PO9: Able to work independently, identify appropriate resources required for a project, and manage project through to completion (Self-Directed Learning).

P10: Embrace moral/ethical values in conducting one’s life, avoiding unethical behaviours and adopting professional, objective, unbiased and truthful actions in all aspects of work (Moral and Ethical Awareness).

P11: Lead a team or an organization, setting direction, formulating an inspiring vision and building a team which can help achieve the vision.