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Programme Outcomes:

  • PO-1: Carry out independent research by utilizing their knowledge of variety of sources over a wide range of legal issues and concerns. (Legal Knowledge)
  • PO-2: Exhibit analytical abilities that are necessary to evaluate the decisions pronounced by the courts, as well as various provisions of law; and re-interpret the views and submissions of jurists and academicians. (Analytical Skills)
  • PO-3: Provide solutions to various issues based on the knowledge and understanding of the substantive and/or procedural components in their area of expertise. (Critical Thinking)
  • PO-4: Conduct independent research on a variety of subjects, especially in their area of specialization and author scholarly research papers. (Research Skills)
  • PO-5: Work on a variety of socio-legal concerns and cultivate a strong sense of duty and responsibility towards society. (Social Responsibility)
  • PO-6: Gain a reputation as an accomplished legal expert in today’s demanding marketplace by mastering the most recent developments in the legal profession including using of modern da technology. (Competitive Skills)
  • PO-7: Apply diverse knowledge to prepare for higher research degree while maintaining focus on the goals. (Higher Education)
  • PO-8: Capable of putting their thoughts into words and their words into action, thus being able to communicate effectively (Communication Skills).
  • PO-9: Able to work independently, identify appropriate resources required for a project, and manage project through to completion (Self-Directed Learning).
  • PO-10: Embrace moral/ethical values in conducting one’s life, avoiding unethical behaviours and adopting professional, objective, unbiased and truthful actions in all aspects of work (Moral and Ethical Awareness).