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PO-1: Graduates will able to have knowledge on the basic and applied theories.

PO-2: Handling of sophisticated instrumentations and interpretation and analysis of data.

PO-3: Developing an interdisciplinary approach and a rational thinking.

PO-4: Designing of research projects that are cost effective, ecofriendly, potent and beneficial
to mankind.

PO-5: making the graduates to demonstrate their communication effectively and scientifically
in both verbal and written form as independent researcher.

PO-6: Providing a broad educational and analytical knowledge necessary to make the students
for appearing in competitive examinations.

PO-7: Generating the graduates with an ability to identify, formulate and solve to deliver
process/product with professional, societal and ethical responsibilities.

PO-8: Graduates will be able to recognize need for self-learning and lifelong learning.

PO-9: The student will be able design, solve the application-oriented problem in
biotechnological field through project-based learning.

PO-10: Demonstrate their ability to work effectively in team and Improvising the technical
skills and implying them.

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