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PO-1: Graduates will be able to develop, analyse, solve and troubleshoot biological problems
in implementation of bioinformatics protocols and Information technology for the successful

PO-2: Environment sustainability and Ethics: Graduates will get adequate knowledge to use
information and implement the evolving technology in Bioinformatics to find the solutions
for environmental protection and remediation.

PO-3: Modern tool usage and communication: Graduates will effectively be able to manage
the scientific task by utilizing the big data resources and retrieve and solve the biological
problems effectively.

PO-4: Analysis of biological data: Graduates will be well versed in handling the biological
data from the different database available online and the Maintenance of biological data by
implementing using computer programming.

PO-5: Graduates will acquire self- reliance in handling Biocomputing techniques and able to
interpret, analyze the biological data and execute experimental techniques independently.