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PO-1: Life Sciences knowledge: Successful candidates will acquire current/recent specific
knowledge in the respective discipline with proficiency in practical skills and leadership skillsfor
a successful career.

PO-2: Problem analysis: Successful candidates will be able to analyse, design standards, resolve
and troubleshoot problems in implementation or standardization of Life sciences protocols.

PO-3: Design/development of solutions: Successful candidates will develop creative and cognitive
thinking and cooperate with each other to solve problems in the field of Life sciences.

PO-4: Conduct investigations of Practical problems: Successful candidates will acquire
capabilities to plan and design protocols and utilize practical skills.

PO-5: Conduct investigations of experimental problems: To validate hypothesis by executing
experimental techniques independently coupled with the ability to assimilate, analyse, interpret
and accurately evaluate subsequent data.

PO-6: Modern tool usage: Successful candidates will effectively be able to manage resources and
time using ICT and other computer enabled devices.

PO-7: Ethics: Successful candidates will be aware of their role and responsibility in handling and
use of microbes including genetically modified microorganisms.

PO-8: Communication: Successful candidates will have the ability to understand and communicate
all ideas and concepts effectively.

PO-9: Environment sustainability: Successful candidates will get adequate knowledge to use
information and implement solutions for environmental protection, safeguards and remediation.

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