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PO-1: Communication: Graduates should communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with
engineering community in particular and with the international community at large. This includes use
of communication systems effectively onboard ships, ability to comprehend and write reports,
effective presentations, communicate, grasp and follow clear instructions.

PO-2: Societal Responsibility: Graduates should be capable of Maintaining a safe engineering watch and
sea worthiness of a ship. Graduates should apply appropriate knowledge to evaluate societal, health,
legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities appropriate to the professional
engineering practice.

PO-3: Management: Graduates should be able to operate maintain and repair main, auxiliary machinery
and associated control system. Graduate should be capable of using appropriate hand tools, machine
tools and measuring instruments. Graduates should be capable of applying management principles to
the work as an individual and also as a team in all endeavours.

PO-4: Environment and Sustainability: Graduates should understand, practice and meet the global
legislative requirements related to the environment with all efforts to prevent pollution and maintain

PO-5: Ethics: Graduates should apply ethical principles and be committed to professional ethics and
responsibilities, following the norms of the profession.

PO-6: Modern tool usage: Graduates will be capable of creating, selecting and applying Modern
Engineering software tools to predict and prototype complex engineering activity with the
understanding of the limitations of such tools.

PO-7: Design and Development of Solutions: Graduates should be capable of designing and developing
components or processes that meet the specific needs with appropriate consideration to public safety,
cultural, societal and environment.

PO-8: Updating and Upgrading Knowledge: Graduates should be capable of self-education and clearly
understand the value of lifelong learning with updating and upgrading their technical knowledge to
IMO (International Maritime Organization) standards and STCW (Standards of Training, Certification
& Watch keeping) requirements.