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PO 1: To apply the knowledge gained in the area of logistics & shipping in a critical manner towards solving complex problems

PO 2: To understand the interdisciplinary approach of the various concepts learned in logistics & shipping management & its association with the various fields of study.

PO 3: To understand and communicate effectively with the various stakeholders involved in Logistics & shipping domain thereby marching towards the satisfaction of their needs.

PO 4: To apply the skills and competencies gained in his/her graduation towards becoming a corporate leader.

PO 5: To apply ethical principles and enhance the level of social literacy thereby remaining  committed to professional and business ethics.

PO 6: To understand his/her roles as a global citizen and strive towards its fulfilment.


PSO 1: To understand the various scope and challenges in the logistics & shipping sector.

PSO 2: To analyze opportunities for developing India as a preferred logistics & shipping hub.

PSO 3: To analyze various feasible and appropriate means of logistics & shipping so as to facilitate business transactions between nations.