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PO1 Scientific knowledge: Graduates will acquire biochemistry/biotechnology/ bioinformatics/ microbiology specific knowledge including recent techniques in the respective fields coupled with hands-on skills and leadership skills for a successful career.

PO2 Problem analysis: Graduates will be able to analyse, solve and troubleshoot problems in implementation of biochemistry/biotechnology/ microbiological protocols.

PO3 Design/development of solutions: Graduates will develop creative thinking and cooperate with each other to solve problems in the field of biochemistry/ biotechnology/ bioinformatics/ microbiology.

PO4 Conduct investigations of complex problems: Graduates will acquire practical skills – which help in planning and designing protocols to validate hypothesis and execute experimental techniques independently as well as assimilate, analyse and interpret subsequent data.

PO5 Modern tool usage and communication: Graduates will effectively be able to manage resources and time using ICT and computer enabled devices and accomplish ability to understand and communicate all ideas effectively.

PO6 Environment sustainability and Ethics: Graduates will get adequate knowledge to use information and implement solutions for environmental protection and remediation. Graduates will be aware of their role and responsibility in handling and use of microbes including genetically modified microorganisms.

PO7 Lifelong learning: Graduates will carry on to learn and adapt in a world of constantly evolving technology.



PSO1: To impart an ability to apply biotechnology skills (including molecular & micro biology, immunology & genetic engineering, bioprocess & fermentation, enzyme & food technology and bioinformatics) and its applications in core and allied fields

PSO2: Demonstrate the application of Biotechnological processes in industries that are of social and commercial importance.

PSO3: To impart in-depth practical oriented knowledge to students in various thrust areas of biotechnology, so as to meet the demands of industry and academia.