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PO1: Critical Thinking: Apply knowledge of Computer Science to identify, and analyze, problems and to provide effective solutions in the area of Computing.

PO2: Computing Skills and Ethics: Analyze a problem, and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution.

PO3: Analytical skill: Ability to design, develop algorithms, and provide software solutions to cater the industrial needs.

PO4: Modern Tool Usage: Use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for computing practices

PO5: Employability Skills: Inculcate skills to excel in the fields of Information Technology and its Enabled services, Government and Private sectors, Teaching and Research.

PO6: Ethics: Insists ethical responsibilities, and human and professional values, and makes their contribution to society.

PO7: Self-Directed and Life-long Learning: Engaged in lifelong learning to equip them to the changing environment and be prepared to take up mastering programs.


PSO1: Understand the basic concepts of system software, hardware, and computer technologies.

PSO2: Build computer programs in different programming languages to solve problems effectively.

PSO3: Develop knowledge in mathematics, and science fundamentals and solve problems using computer techniques.

PSO4: Evaluate appropriate techniques to tackle and solve problems in the discipline of information security management.

PSO5: Design, and develop precise specifications of algorithms, procedures, and interaction behavior.

PSO6: Examine effectively in both verbal and written form in industry and society.

PSO7: Work in teams to build software systems and apply the technologies in various fields of Computer Science, including Mobile applications, Web site development and management, databases, and computer networks.