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Course Objective:

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of developing and writing scripts for film and television. It emphasizes proper script formats, theme, story, plot, dialogue, characters, and the process of developing and writing a script.  The assignments will include the writing of scenes, a treatment and a half-hour script, with special emphasis on the steps leading toward creating a final screenplay.


Course Outcome:

CO1: Learns the purpose about film and television screenplay structure.

CO2: Analyzing the dramatic strategies in film and television.

CO3: Learning and applying correct script form.

CO4: Creatively encaging in the various stages of original scriptwriting.

CO5: understanding the elements of screenplay with well developed plot, characters and setting.


Unit I Script development

Script writing as a creative enterprise involves creative thinking and imagination. It is the development of story, characters and conflict. This unit deals with the various stages in the craft of script writing- basic story idea, narrative synopsis outline, scene breakdown, and full-fledged script.

Unit II  Structure of a narrative film

It discusses the narrative structure – beginning – middle – end – conflict, development, climax and denouement. And also covers storyline, plot, and treatment along with principles of suspense and surprise.

Unit III Narrative techniques

Select narrative techniques – point of attack , exposition , planting , point of view , pace , tone , subject matter , title , openings ,  contrast , coincidence , tension release laughter.

Unit IV Creating a Character

Characterization is an important element of a film, without interesting characters it is difficult to engage the audience in the narrative. It provides a brief on character biography – tags – stereotyping; two – dimensional versus three – dimensional characters and guiding principles for evolving effective and credible characters.

Unit V   Script formats

This unit provides an understanding on various types of script formats and the techniques involved in developing scripts.



Total: 60 Hrs