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Course Objective:

To acquire basic understanding of the layout of an Airport; its buildings, facilities, installations and their functioning.

UNIT 1: Buildings & Installations 

Terminals, Security, Apron, Hangar, Taxiway, Runway,Fire Station, Airport Vehicles, Fuel depot 12

UNIT 2: Markings& Lightings

RWY & TWY markings, Lightings, Signboards, Declared distances, PCN, Lighting system, Aerodrome Beacon, Obstacle Lighting & Marking

UNIT 3: Facilities&Equipments

 Navigational facilities:VOR, NDB, DME; Surveillance equipments:Primary Radar, SSR, Surface Movement Radar, ADS; GPS, VHF antennae, ILS

UNIT 4: Air Traffic Control

ATC Units, Concept of FIR, Role of FIC, Roles of Tower & SMC Controllers, Flight Plan, Flight Dispatch, ATC briefing

UNIT 5: Important Organizations

Ministry of Civil Aviation, ICAO, DGCA, AAI & its wings, BCAS, CISF, MLU              

TOTAL        60Hrs


  • ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1 Aerodrome Design and Operations
  • Civil Aviation Requirements Section-4, Aerodrome Standards & Air Traffic Services.


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