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Students will learn how to create a quality audio & video work using current and evolving technologies while learning the production process for television, film and online content. To describe and analyze elements in the production process and apply the fundamental concepts of production in television and film to complete a media project. 


Course Outcome:

At the end of the course, learners will be able to: 

CO1: Knowing the importance of choosing a social issue for public service advertisement and a     concept planning for a commercial brand and the creative planning for the marketing execution. 

CO2: The importance of field research in collecting the proper information about the selected social issue and the plan of awareness creation method. 

CO3: Gain In-depth knowledge in Pre production methods through script writing, Storyboard and Art direction.

CO4: Training the skill in recording the raw elements in shooting and knowing the technological advancement in recording instruments.

CO5: Knowing the trends and methods of marketing and distribution through advertising our final product



  1. Handle camera and tripod 
  2. Framing 
  3. Composition-Rule of third 
  4. Standard Shot & Camera Angle 
  5. Camera Movements 
  6. Multi Camera Setup 
  7. Understanding Lighting Equipments 
  8. Practicing Lighting Techniques 
  9. Formats of T.V Program-Interview 
  10. Formats of T.V Program-Talk show


Record Work: 

Students have to produce the following exercises under the supervision of a staff member.

  1. PSA Film (Maximum 3 mins)
  2. Commercial Ad. Film  (Maximum 60 to 90 secs.) 

(The Students have to submit the above exercises as Record Work in the digital form for Practical exam, which will be evaluated by the External Examiner) 


Total: 60 Hrs