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In this project, student has to produce individually a short film by adapting a short story (fiction) for a minimum duration of 20 minutes. Student under the guidance of a supervisor would develop a screenplay, shooting script, shoot and edit the film. Student will gain an understanding of techniques and aesthetics involved in making a short film.


Course Outcome

  At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1: Develop, write and plan for a short film and will be able to develop the plot, characters and conflict based on the premise of the story.

CO2: Understand  the techniques involved in writing a screenplay for short film and to convert or to adapt a short story into a screenplay.

CO3:  Learn about the various tasks involved in pre- production  and production phase such as location survey, casting, rehearsals and budget planning.

CO4:  Edit the film offline/online  by narrating the same and doing audio mixing, dubbing and adding titles.

CO5: Gather feedback for the film and incorporate the suggestions in the final film for future productions. Will be able to analyse the strength and weakness of the film.


The aim of the practical is to train the student to practically apply his/her knowledge of making Short Film/ Music Album. At the beginning of the semester each student should submit his/her subject for short film/ Music Album song and get it approved. 

After approval of the subject, under the guidance of a staff member, the student will develop the subject into treatment form. This has to be done only after scene by scene intense discussion with the staff. In this stage he will get to know the unique feature and problems in the short film/ Video Album scripting. 

After completion, the treatment is again approved for further discussion. The next stage will be master-scene script, which contains all the details of action and dialogues. Here he would learn to plan the timing for the short film/ Video Album script. 

After the master-scene script is also approved, the students will work out a detailed shooting script which will contain all the technical details of the screenplay. 

The duration of the films shall not exceed 5 to 12 minutes. The film should be completed utilizing the services of Cinematography, Editing, and Sound students. At the end of the semester the completed project will be viewed and evaluated by an examiner.


Total: 90 Hrs