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Course Objective:

To provide an understanding about the concept of “Communication” and to study the key elements in a communication process. Through various communication theories students will be able to understand how technology influences communication and the major characteristics of media.

Course Outcome

 At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

 CO1: understand the various types of communication and the various factors that affect the communication system.

 CO2: gain knowledge about various communication models.

 CO3: differentiate the Verbal and Non-verbal Communication.

 CO4: know media effect theories and it gives a complete knowledge about the influence of Media on society.

CO5: perceive press theories which gives a depth understanding about the functions of Press.


Unit  I  Introduction to Communication                                             

 Unit 1: Communication – Definition –  Nature and Scope of Communication – Sociological and Psychological aspects of Communication – Levels of Communication – Intra-personal –  Inter-personal, Group and Mass Communication –  Verbal and Non-verbal Communication.

Unit IIModels of Communication                       

Communication process – One step – Two step – Multi step flow of Information – – Communication models – Definition – Scope –  Purpose of Models – Shannon and Weaver – Lasswell –  Osgood and Schramm – Spiral Model – Gerbner’s Model – Diffusion of Innovation Model

Unit IIITheories of Communication               

Communication Theories – Cognitive Dissonance – Normative Theories – Perception and Retention – Uses and Gratification Approach – Cultivation Approach – Marxist and Neo-Marxist Approaches. 

Unit IVMass Communication

Mass Media and Society – Mass Culture  – Characteristics and functions of mass communication –  Importance of mass communication – Gatekeeping –  Mass media – press, radio, TV, web and traditional media.

Unit VPublic Communication

Communicating with the masses – Public speaking as communication – audience, structure and formality – Group dynamics- Motivation – Persuasion – leadership traits – Using forms of mass communication – Creative and technical presentations – graphiti – photography – PowerPoint presentations – debates – street plays. 


Total :60 Hrs