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THEORY OF MUSIC – 2 4 0 0 4

In this course, concepts in Western Classical Music will be dealt with.

UNIT 1                                              12
Alto Clef and Tenor clef, Neutral clef and Tablature, Writing all the scale degrees (including ledger line notes) in Alto and Tenor clefs, Major key study – D Major A, Bb, Minor key study- B, G, F sharp, C
UNIT 2                                              12
Beat/Pulse, Down beat and Upbeat, Scale and Octave, Major interval, Minor intervals (Harmonic, Natural, Melodic)
UNIT 3                                              12
Dotted rests, Tonality, Tie and Slur, Chords – Major Chord, Minor Chord, Notation writing – Major keys D,A, Bb, Minor keys B,G, F#, C, Major chords and Minor chords and Time Signatures in Unit 4
UNIT 4                                              12
Meters in double and triple time, Simple and compound time signatures, Constant versus changing time adding duplets and triplets, Meters in 6,9 and 12, Complex time signatures
UNIT 5                                              12

Binary form, Ternary form, Strophic form, Chorus form, Phrase

Total:                                                    60h


At the end of this course the students will be able to,

CO-1: Understand the concept of clef and tablature.

CO-2: Understand concepts related to beats and note intervals

CO-3: Understand tonality and chords.

CO-4: Understand time signatures

CO-5: Get an overview on the Binary form, Ternary form, Strophic form and Chorus form,


Fundamentals of Music, Raymond Elliott, 4th Ed 2009
Tip Basic Music Theory, Wise Publications, Hugo Pinkster doer, 2007

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