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To understand its constituents, forms and types, purpose of tourism and travel motivators and tourism infrastructure. Types and functions of travel agent and tour operators, tourism organizations, international and national. Tourism regulation and impacts of tourism, economics, socio cultural, environmental and political impacts.


Unit: I Introduction to Travel and Tourism

Tourism- meaning and definition, Significance of tourism, Tourism Industry-constituents, five ‘A’ of tourism, forms and types, purpose of tourism and travel motivators Definition-Accommodation, food and beverage, Attractions, Telecommunications, Essential services, Transport –air-road-rail- water, air transport in India, Security of aircraft and passengers, International  Air Travel Classes, Transport  as a attraction

Unit: II The Travel Agents, Tour Operators And Tourist Organizations  

The Travel Agent, Travel Agencies-Types-Functions-source of income, setting -up a Travel Agency. The Tour operator-Types, Package Tours-Types Guides and Escorts Tourist Organization-Need for Tourism Organizations, International Organization, Government Organizations in India, Private Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations 

Unit: III Tourism-Regulations and Impact of Tourism

Passport, VISA, Health Regulations for International Travel, Special Permits for Restricted Areas Customs Regulations, Emigrations and Immigrations, Taxes Paid by Travellers, Travel Insurances. Economic Impacts, the Multiplier Effect, Environmental Impact, Socio-cultural Impact, Demonstration Effect, Political Impact of tourism.