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Vision of the Department  

To achieve national and international recognition by becoming a collaborative centre for learning & innovation and preparing the student-engineers to be stewards of a sustainable society by enhancing their innovative spirit, developing their professional and leadership qualities to face the challenges of the society and provide sustainable solutions

Mission of the Department 

  1. To train  students by disseminating the knowledge of engineering, science and technology through in- plant trainings, internships, value added courses and industrial visits
  2. To assist  students in discovering their talents and skills to become experts/entrepreneurs in solving the contemporary issues of civil engineering
  3. To equip  students with relevant sustainable and engineering approaches to the built and natural environment by raising their professional and leadership qualities for creating a sustainable society
  4. To motivate  students to pursue higher education and compete at the global level
  5. To collaborate with leading industrial organizations and educational institutions in India and abroad for creating centre of excellence in emerging areas of Civil engineering