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VISION of the Department:

• To impart students of graduate studies with a broader  understanding of the basic concepts of Mathematics, providing quality instructional methods
• To enrich the Mathematical and Analytical skills of students.
• To produce quality Mathematical science researches
• Topersuade  students to apply  theoretical Mathematics to bring out Mathematical models
• Our vision is to provide exhaustive knowledge in all areas of Mathematical Sciences and to apply their principles in  career-oriented pursuits.
• To initiate  students to know the beauty of Mathematics by their deep involvement in the subject.
• To publish research papers and articles in  international journals to let fellow scholars  know the application of Mathematics.
• To apply the knowledge obtained to develop the society.
• To empower students to envisage and conquer the real world problems

MISSION of the Department:

• To develop a  community that values mathematics and its applications
• To provide  a foundation for critical thinking by developing skills in logic and problem solving
• To  offer a broad selection of courses that can be tailored to diverse student needs; and
• To develops close mentoring relationships among faculty and students through small classes, student-faculty research projects, and a drop-in study lab staffed by mathematics faculty.