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Course Objective:

The objective is to learn the techniques of website creation through tools and utilize them. Students will know the process of using the tools for various digital outputs like website layout creation, static and dynamic webpages , using scripts for delivering small animations and attractive web pages , web hosting through server and creating their own web pages.  Thus enhancing the quality of digital web media.


Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1: Understanding webpage designing, slicing and exporting 

CO2: Gain knowledge about scripting language like HTML 

CO3: Gain knowledge about style sheath (CSS)

CO4: Understand software used for web designing

CO5: Gain knowledge 2d flash animations


Unit I Interface, scripting, usage of images        

HTML – HTML Basics: – Introduction to HTML elements-Basic tags- Attributes- -Creating HTML page- Formatting- HTML links- List types and its tags- Creating HTML tables- Adding pictures -HTML and page accessibility- Colors and background – Advance HTML – Use of Frames and Forms in web pages- Formatting web pages by using GIF- JPEG getting web and clip arts- Use of interlinks

Unit II Planning and designing static web pages

Web designing – Designing and Planning Web Pages  – Creating Pages with HTML  -Working with Text -Formatting Web Pages with -Style Sheets  (CSS) -Working with Graphics  -Overall Site Design and -Management  -Web Authoring Tools- Uploading/FTP -Flash Enhancements- Incorporating/Embedding Video- Accessibility – Introduction to Dreamweaver- Properties Inspector and Panels- The Document Window- The Status Bar- The Document Toolbar- Coding Toolbar- Creating a Root Folder- Creating a Website with Frames- Rollovers and Other Image Trick- Drawing Image Maps- Designing with Cascading Style Sheets- 

Unit III Dynamic web content , Scripting.

Basics of dynamics web designing – Action script 2.0- Movie clip animation with script-

Web animation in action script-  Basics of flash gaming script – Advanced flash action script 3.0.

 Unit IV E-learning techniques

 E – Learning – Basic E-learning Theory -Basic Graphics Theory -Basic graphics tools training using different software’s -Basic sketching skills training -Tips N Tricks of fast creations- -Clients Specification Study -SB creation -Graphics Content creation-Media Rich Creation Techniques -Review Techniques -Final QA /Testing -Packaging techniques -Industry overview –Industrial Visits 

Unit V Web hosting & publishing

Illustrations – Publishing website – Hosting portals – ERP in portals – Maintenance of Management Information System through websites – Creating Flash for E-learning – Interface designs



Total: 60 Hrs