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Writing for media is a creative and hard work. It needs a mental space to know the words that want to be written. And life has a habit of crowding that space. The creation of an article itself usually comes out of an idea to write, and the approach should be depicting an activity, story and event. These knowledge, idea and forms of media writing techniques will be dealt in this subject.


Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1: Learn perspective writing techniques and its history.

CO2: Understand conventional writing techniques.

CO3: Gain knowledge on writing for various programmes on TV and radio.

CO4: Write different types of stories and which includes news.

CO5: Create multimedia and html scripts.

Unit 1

Communication skills – developing communication skills, picking and writing –– development of vocabulary –– personality development. Introduction to journalistic writing — newspapers, magazines, electronic/broadcast and online- use of right word at right place.

Unit 2

Writing for Radio and Television – advertisements, documentary, game show, variety programmes, information programmes, children, women and minority programme.

Unit 3

News writing – news angle, multi angled stories, feature openers, development of story, news formula, sign posting, accuracy and field work

Unit 4

Writing – short story writing – Ten principles of clear writing – using plain English – using active voice – when to use passive voice – jargons – clichés and journalese – simple words – troublesome

Unit 5

Writing for Multimedia – Script formatting and HTML, interactive script format, writing narrative multimedia.



Total 60 Hrs