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Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO) & Program Outcome (PO)

PROGRAMME SPECIFIC OUTCOMES (PSO) PSO1: Apply the skills in the areas of Health Care, Education , Agriculture, Intelligent Transport, Environment, Smart Systems & in the multi-disciplinary area of Artificial Intelligence PSO2: Demonstrate engineering practice learned through industry internship to solve live problems in various domains. Software applications for problem solving. PROGRAM OUTCOME (PO) PO1: Engineering knowledge: Apply...


Program Educational Objectives(PEO)

PROGRAM EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES(PEO) PEO 1: Graduates will have the ability to adapt, contribute and innovate new technologies and systems in the key domains of Artificial Intelligence. PEO 2: Graduates will be able to successfully pursue higher education in reputed institutions with AI Specialization. PEO 3: Graduates will have the ability to explore research areas and...