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Career Prospects

Career Prospects Emergency care courses planning ,Overseeing and Medical management for emergency medical response ,Medical control. During the program, students get on hands – on learning on essential life support, major cardiac support, critical care support ,critical care support ,ventilation and patients monitoring in emergency units.


Curriculum & Syllabus

Curriculum & Syllabus Semester – I General Anatomy General Physiology General Biochemistry Medical Law and Ethics Communication and Soft Skills Semester – II General Pathology General Microbiology General Pharmacology Medical Terminology Basic Computers & Information Science


Programme Outcomes

Programme Outcomes P01:The Accident and Emergency Care Technology course is a four year course which trains candidates in Emergency Medical techniques to become the first responders to all kind of medical emergencies. P02:They are taught knowledge and skills to save the patients with various medical emergencies, within and outside the hospital.