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Career Prospects

Career Prospects The students will acquire skills to assess the patient and plan various electro diagnostic procedures and implement them. It is an exclusive course in which students have training in Sleep studies, Autonomic function tests, pre-surgical evaluation of epilepsy, EEG (including Neonatal and long-term monitoring), Nerve conduction studies, Electromyogram, Visual evoked potential, Brainstem, Auditory...


Curriculum & Syllabus

Curriculum & Syllabus Semester – I General Anatomy General Physiology General Biochemistry Medical Law and Ethics Communication and Soft Skills Semester – II General Pathology General Microbiology General Pharmacology Medical Terminology Basic Computers & Information Science


Programme Outcomes

Programme Outcomes PO1: Clinical physiologists (neurophysiology) work closely with patients of all ages to investigate the function of the nervous system in order to diagnose and monitor neurological disorders, including epilepsy, strokes, dementia, nerve and muscle dysfunction and multiple sclerosis