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Program Educational Objectives

PROGRAM EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES (PEO) PEO I: To impart knowledge about clinical education with focus on cognitive (problem solving and critical thinking) and affective domains PEO II: To create professional who meet the ever-increasing demand for radiologists and medical imaging professional including PEO III: To strengthen the medical instruction content writing skills of students PEO IV:...


Career Prospects

Career Prospects Radiographers perform X-ray procedures, Ct Scan, MRI Scan etc. They are popularly hired across nursing homes, doctor’s facilities, hospitals, diagnostic centers, and also super-specialty healing centers. Excellent job opportunities both in India as well as overseas.


Curriculum & Syllabus

Curriculum & Syllabus Semester – I General Anatomy General Physiology General Biochemistry Medical Law and Ethics Communication and Soft Skills Semester – II General Pathology General Microbiology General Pharmacology Medical Terminology Basic Computers & Information Science Semester – III General Physics, Radiation Physics & Physics of Diagnostic Radiology X-ray Film / Image processing Techniques, including...


Programme Outcomes & Program Specific Outcome

PROGRAM OUTCOME (PO) PO1: Gaining clinical efficiency in the field of medical imaging and analysis PO2: Sharpening critical thinking skills PO3: Understanding clinical environment and patient needs. PO4: Nurturing commitment and ethical behavior PO5: Strengthening communication skills and empathy to deal with patients, families, and other health care providers.   PROGRAM SPECIFIC OUTCOME (PSO) PSO...