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National Service Scheme

Course objective: In this course, students will be provided knowledge and skills in dealing with environmental issues, disaster management, project cycle management and so on.   UNIT I   ENVIRONMENT ISSUES Environment conservation, enrichment and Sustainability – Climate change – Waste management -Natural resource management – (Rain water harvesting, energy conservation, waste land development, soil...


Personality Development

Course Objective: To Make Aware About the Importance of Personality and Development in The Business World. To Make the Students Follow the Good Personality and Create a Good Relationship with Others.   UNIT I PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT – INTRODUCTION            The Concept Personality – Dimensions of Personality – Term Personality Development –...


Tourism Management

Course objective: To understand its constituents, forms and types, purpose of tourism and travel motivators, tourism infrastructure. Types and functions of travel agent and tour operators, tourism organizations, international and national. Tourism regulation and impacts of tourism, economics, socio cultural, environmental and political impacts.   UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO TRAVEL AND TOURISM      ...


Advanced Excel

Course objective: To make the student understand the special concepts in MS EXCEL. To practice the students how to work in list, data forms and records. To understand the concepts of filtering data.   UNIT I    ADVANCED EXCEL FORMULAS          Uses of Advance Excel Formulas -VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, SUMIF, SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT, DSUM,...


Office Automation Tools

Objective: To know the common applications available for office work. To learn how to work in MS-OFFICE. To learn how to work in MS-EXCEL and POWERPOINT.   UNIT I MSWORD         Text Manipulations- font size, style, color. Alignment- left, right and justiy, paragraph alignment, Usage of Numbering, Bullets, Footer and Headers, Usage...