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Program Educational Objective (PEO)

PEO1:  Have strong foundations in creative, analytical, and technical fundamentals necessary to formulate, analyze and solve communication problems. PEO2:   Have an exposure to a variety of Animation Industries, Such as, 2D& 3D production, Graphic Design & Visual Effects in a competitive Digital Media environment. PEO3:  Demonstrate the impact of media on the society along with...


Programme Specific Outcome (PSO) & Programme Outcome (PO)

PROGRAMME SPECIFIC OUTCOME (PSO)  Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Animation will: PSO1: Obtained a significant knowledge on fundamentals and advanced in Drawing, Graphic Design, VFX, 2D & 3D Animation. PSO2: Gain knowledge of developing story boards for any given concept aspects of drawing and Anatomy study. PSO3: Gain in-depth knowledge on pre-production and...