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Duration of the Programme

 Two years (four semesters)  Each academic year shall be divided into two semesters. The odd semesters shall consist of the period from July to November of each year and the even semesters from January to May of each year.


Program Specific Outcome(PSO)

  PSO1                     To Job opportunities in wide sector of Chemical & Allied industries  PSO2 Competent to take challenging positions in industry, academics and government sectors by learning various analytical techniques such as UV, IR, NMR, Chromatography etc and their applications. PSO3 To execute new ideas in...


Program Outcome

  PO1                   Problem analyze: Identify, formulate, review research literature and analyze the chemical problems reaching substantiated conclusions using basics concepts of mathematics, physics and biology. PO2 Design and development of solutions: Design solutions for complex chemical problems and design systems, components or processes that meet specified needs...


Program Educational Objectives(PEO)

  PEO 1 Postgraduate will have significant opportunities in various service domains at National and International level, and can work as scientist, analyst, quality controller, academics, research organizations and set chemical testing labs. PEO 2 On the basis of specialized knowledge and experience, postgraduate students will be able to do synthesis, separation, analysis, computational design...