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M.Tech. in Defence Technology

Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes(PO)

PO1: Acquire technical competence, comprehensive knowledge and understanding the methodologies and technologies associated with land, air & naval defense systems. Apply knowledge to identify, formulate and analyze complex engineering problems

PO2: Having an ability to apply knowledge of science, mathematics, engineering & technology for development of defense technologies.

PO3: Having an ability to design a component, subsystem or a system applying all the relevant standards and with realistic constraints, including operational and environmental.

PO4: Acquire the skills for uses of contemporary techniques, resources and modern engineering and IT tools.

PO5: An ability to identify, investigate, understand and analyze complex problems, apply creativity, carry out research /investigation and development work to solve practical problems related to defense technological issues.

PO6: Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written contexts in the form of technical papers, project reports, design documents and seminar presentations.

PO7: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.

Curriculum & Syllabus

Curriculum & Syllabus

Semester - 1
Course of study and
scheme of examination
S.NoCourse CodeCompulsory CoursesPeriods/WeekTotal Credits
1.DT-01-01Systems and warfare Platforms4--4
2.DT-01-02Warfare Simulations & Strategies4--4
3.DT-01-03Advanced Engineering Mathematics4--4
4.DT-01-L01Systems and Platforms Lab--22
5.DT-01-L02Warfare Simulations & Strategies Lab--22
Elective Courses
6.Elective 13--3
7.Elective 23--3
Total credits23 credits

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Eligibility Criteria

M.Tech in Defence TechnologyThose who have pursued under graduation in following disciplines are eligible for taking up the
M.Tech. Defence Technology courses:
1) Aerospace Engineering
2) Aeronautical engineering
3) Applied Electronics and
Communication Engineering
4) Applied Electronics and
Instrumentation Engineering
5) Chemical Technology
6) Chemical engineering
7) Computer Science & Engineering
8) Computer and Communication
9) Computer Engineering
10) Computer Engineering and
11) Computer Networking
12) Computer Science and Information
13) Computer Science and Technology
14) Computer Technology
15) Electrical and Computer Engineering
16) Electrical and Electronics Engineering
17) Electrical and Instrumentation
18) Electrical and Power Engineering
19) Electrical Engineering
20) Electronics engineering
21) Electrical, Electronics and Power
22) Electronics and Communication
23) Instrumentation engineering
24) Electronics, Instrumentation and
Control Engineering
25) Electronics, Science and Engineering
26) Electronics and Computer Engineering
27) Electronics and Communication
28) Electronics and Computer Science
29) Electronics and Control Systems
30) Electronics and Power Engineering
31) Electronics and Telecommunication
32) Electronics, Instruments and Control
33) Electronics System Engineering
34) Instrumentation and Electronics
35) Instrumentation Engineering
36) Marine Engineering
37) Marine Technology

Career Prospects



  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Combat vehicle Design & development Engineer
  • Naval Technology Engineer
  • Communication system developer
  • Materials Engineer
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Planning Engineer
  • Simulation & Analysis Engineer
  • Research & Development Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer

Fee Structure

Tuition FeeAdmission FeeRegistration FeeInsuranceSAPAt the time of admissionII Semester Onwards