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MOU Signing with Edvoy

MOU Signing with Edvoy

In our pursuit to offer students a global perspective and enable opportunities for studying abroad, the Higher Education Cell entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Edvoy, an esteemed global education services provider. Edvoy, built in collaboration with IEC Abroad, brings to the table its digital platform and extensive experience in international education dating back to 2007. They have provided over 20,000 students worldwide with tailored advice and services. Their mission aligns well with our goals, aiming to simplify the world of education through technology and impartial advice.

Objectives of the MOU

  • To provide a structured framework for cooperation between VISTAS and Edvoy in the areas of student admissions, counselling, and placement for studying abroad.
  • To explore and develop joint academic and research activities.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information and materials that are of mutual interest. Implementation Plan
  • Regular online webinars and seminars led by Edvoy’s experienced counsellors.
  • A dedicated Edvoy portal integrated into our campus intranet, offering real-time support and a plethora of educational resources.
  • Training sessions for faculty members for better student counselling on global education opportunities.


  1. Streamlined Admission Process: The partnership enables a more organized and effective approach to admissions for our students aiming to study abroad. With the help of Edvoy’s digital platform, students now have a simplified, step-by-step guide for their application process.
  2. Network Access to International Universities: By collaborating with Edvoy, we have unlocked a valuable network of international universities and educational institutions. This opens up an array of options for students, giving them the freedom to choose an institution that aligns best with their academic aspirations.
  3. Enhanced Student Support: Edvoy’s experienced counsellors provide personalized advice and consultation to our students, equipping them with the right tools and information to make informed choices about their education abroad.
  4. Global Readiness: The MOU has not just facilitated easier admissions but has also contributed to the overall global readiness of our student population. The added exposure to international curricula, cultures, and opportunities has significantly enriched the student experience.
  5. Data-Driven Insights: With Edvoy’s robust analytics features, we now have an efficient way to track and measure the success rates of students who venture abroad, providing valuable insights for continual improvement.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • A quarterly review will be conducted to assess the effectiveness of this partnership.
  • Feedback will be collected from students who have utilized Edvoy’s services to make data-driven improvements.

By partnering with Edvoy, the Higher Education Cell at VISTAS has taken a significant step towards global academic engagement, thereby fulfilling its commitment to fostering educational excellence and international exposure.