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Ocean Engineering Courses such as Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and Coastal & Ocean Engineering are the application of scientific methods for the benefit of the mankind. The School of Ocean Engineering under VELS UNIVERSITY is providing very good education and the courses are designed according to the need of the industries which are related to Ocean Engineering. As such VELS UNIVERSITY has the obligation and commitment to provide education right from DIPLOMA to Ph.D ( ie. Diploma,Degree, Post Graduate Degree and Research) level. The School of Ocean Engineering will be providing an excellent education for the students through teaching and learning, practices and training, research and service to the community. In addition to regular curricula, the students are taught additional subjects like communication skills and soft skills to make them ready for the industry. The students have to undergo Internship/ Training in various ocean related industries including Shipyards, Design offices, Offshore companies, Ports and Harbors, Oil and Gas industries to get good acquaintance about the field where they are likely to work. Apart from this, International/ National Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Special lectures by eminent people will be arranged for the benefit of the students.