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The vision of Vels IPR is to be the fountainhead of new ideas and of innovators in technology and science and its mission is to create an ambience in which new ideas, research and scholarship flourish and from which the leaders and innovators of tomorrow emerge. In fulfillment of its vision and mission, Vels IPR has taken the initiative to promote innovations and to facilitate protection of Intellectual Property (IP) thus generated at VISTAS. Consequently, is has taken up the protection of inventions and other creative works of its students, faculty, and SME’s as IP have been growing.

The VISTAS has created Intellectual Property Policy for the management of intellectual property to :

a. Promote, preserve, encourage and aid scientific investigation and research

b. Provide an organizational structure and procedures through which inventions and discoveries made in the course of University research may be made readily available to the public through channels of commerce;

The University has an authorized IPR Centre created through a Project grant by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Govt. of India. The Department of Information Technology, Govt. of India Project has approved Rs, 71,44,000. (Approval order No. DIT/IPRl7.1/75/2009, Government of India, Department of Information Technology, Patent & IPR Division, R&D (IT) Group). It has full-fledged experienced personal for assisting patent search, drafting and filing. IP plays vital role in technology transfer and safety of innovation. We have set up R&D laboratories and IPR centre to facilitate the research and patenting system. We help SMEs and individuals on ToTs (Transfer of Technology). IPR centre incubates developed technologies. Total Patents filed through IPR Centre – 36 and Patents filed by our own staff and students – 27 Transfer of Technology (ToTs) – 8

Intellectual property rights as a collective term includes the following independent IP rights which can be collectively used for protecting different aspects of an inventive work for multiple protection :-

  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Registered (industrial) design
  • Protection of IC layout design,
  • Geographical indications, and Protection of undisclosed information


Dr. V.Vanitha
Coordinator – IPR Cell
Chennai – 600 117, Tamil Nadu, India
Phone: (O) + 91 – 44 – 2266 2500 / 01 / 02 / 03
Mobile: 0 – 9941709668
Fax: + 91 – 44 – 2266 2513