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B.A. English


To instill curiosity and to develop creativity among students and to emerge as a cynosure of excellence in the field of English studies.


The department is committed to up skill students’ holistic understanding of life through the lens of literature, and to foster the ability to communicate confidently in their respective domains with integrity.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO1:  To familiarize learners with the origin and development of the English language and with the recent changes and updates.

PEO2:  To acquaint learners with the understanding of various forms of poetry, prose, fiction, and drama.

PEO3:  To introduce learners to the various periods in English Literature, classified according to the periods of monarchy and major literary movements.
PEO4:  To introduce learners to other world English literatures including translation of classics, to facilitate comparative studies.

PEO5:  To investigate the intricacies of English Teaching Methods, linguistics, and the study of the English language will benefit learners when they pursue a career in teaching.

Programme Outcomes (POs) & Programme Specific Outcomes(PSOs)

Programme Outcome (PO)

PO1:  Learners learn about the origin, development, and evolution of the English Language through the ages, starting from the middle of the 5th century A.D.

PO2:  Learners develop a strong foundation in English Literature and acquire comprehensive knowledge of various literary history and theories.

PO3:  Learners will be able to infer literary, social, and cultural understanding within the texts with reference to historical, geographical, and cultural contexts.

PO4:  Learners will be able to understand and differentiate the variety of Englishes in terms of lexical, syntax, grammar, and phonological aspects.

PO5:  Learners should be able to apply critical and theoretical approaches to the reading and analysis of literary and cultural texts in multiple genres.

PO6:  The learners learn to read, analyze, and interpret works of literature to acquaint them with the forms, structures, and aesthetics of the style and techniques of literary works.

PO7:  The learners use their study of literature to initiate, cultural, ethical, and global awareness.

PO8: Learners develop critical and analytical skills in interpreting literary texts.

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO)

PSO1: Students cultivate a preference for specific generic forms and refine their skills in creative writing.

PSO2: Learners develop an aesthetic sense of cherishing literature and become creative writers.

PSO3: The Study of Linguistics facilitates participation in investigating the role of language and society and its implications.

PSO4: To identify language variations (formal/informal, world Englishes) and their appropriate uses in a given contexts.

PSO5: To develop communicative competency and enable them to communicate intelligibly in academics and the workplace.

Curriculum & Syllabus



CategoryCourseHours / WeekCredits Maximum Marks
Lecture Tutorial Practical CASEETotal
LANGTamil I/
Hindi / French
ENGEnglish I30034060100
CORESocial History of England I41054060100
COREHistory of English Literature I 41054060100
CORELiterary Forms50054060100
AECCCommunication Skills10224060100

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Eligibility Criteria

ProgramEligibilityCriteria for Merit
B.A. EnglishPass in +2, or any equivalent examinations.Merit - based on percentage of marks secured in the qualifying examination

Career Prospects



  • Content Writer
  • Content Developer
  • Freelancer
  • Technical Writer
  • Media and Journalism
  • Translators
  • Storyboard Writing
  • Scriptwriter
  • Subtitling
  • Digital copywriter etc

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