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CERTIFICATE COURSE – Guest Room Associate


To be the premier hospitality management school in training and developing future professionals for the hospitality & tourism industry.


To train students to be leaders in all the facets of the hospitality industry by imparting knowledge and affording hands on training.

Curriculum and Syllabus

Name of the coursePractical + Theory credits
Hours per week/ Days per weekTotal hours

Guest Room Associate
2+26 hours per week /
2 days per week
96 contact hours + 320 IET hours

Course Objective: 

Understand the daily operational practices to be done. Apply health, hygiene and safety practices at workplace and maintain ethics in handling departmental and guest relations.  

Course Outcome

CO1. State the role of the housekeeping department in hotels and its responsibilities. 

CO2. Understand all levels of professional cleanings. 

CO3. Manage Inventory and Bookkeeping Procedures. 

CO4. Communicate with co-workers and guests. 

CO5. Apply Ethics and Safety Practice in work environment.

Unit I – Core Skills – Professional Cleaning
  1. Introduction to Hotel Industry and Housekeeping Activities 
  2. Perform Cleaning Operations for Rooms and Public Areas
  3. Bed Making Procedures – Morning / Evening Services 
  4. Carry out Stain Removal and Polishing Activities on the Floor and Surfaces
  5. Preparation of Maids Cart 
  6. Bathroom Cleaning Procedures. 
Unit II – Inventory Management and Book Keeping 
  1. Registers and Records in Accommodation Operation department 
  2. Guest supplies and amenities 
  3. Equipment and Agents in the Accommodation Operation department
  4. Guest Supplies, Cleaning Equipment and Agents Planning and Managing Procedures 
  5.   Storage procedures in Housekeeping Stores 
Unit III – Communication and Ethics 
  1. Departmental and interdepartmental Co-ordinations 
  2. Guest communications and Handling Customer Complaints constructively. 
  3. Understand the importance of customer satisfaction and feedback
  4. Following Ethical Practices in cleaning and property maintenance. 
  5. Maintain Organization Confidentiality 
Unit IV – Hygiene and Safety 
  1. Routine Procedure in cleaning and sanitization of cleaning equipment
  2. Clean, Hygienic and hazard free procedures at work
  3. Disposal of Guest and Department wastages
  4. Emergency Situations and Safety Handlings and Basic First Aids 
  5. Identification of Hazards at Work Place
UNIT V – On Job Training 
  1. Practice the Room Making procedures
  2. Handling Equipment, Cleaning Agents and Guest Supplies
  3. Co-ordinate with Housemen and supervisors in learning Basic cleaning routine
  4. Follow standard operating procedures
  5. Understand Daily Housekeeping Operations in Hotel 
Reference Books:
  1. Sudhir Andrews Hotel House keeping a Training Manual – 2nd edition-Tata Mc graw hill – 2009
  2. G.Raghubalan & Smrita Raghubalan Hotel Housekeeping Operations and Management – 2nd edition -Oxford University Press 2009.
  3. Ursula Jones Cassell – Hotel & Catering Management – 2nd edition-Octopus Publishing Group Limited, 1997.
  4. John C. Bronson and Margaret Lennox Hotel Hostel Hospital Housekeeping-5th edition– Edward Arnold Taylor& Francis Group -1988.
Online Materials & Weblinks:  




Program Duration (Year)
Criteria for Merit
Certificate Course in Guest Room Associate
6 months
Pass in 8th Std., from any board
Merit based on the percentage of marks secured in the qualifying examination


  • To study the role of the housekeeping department in hotels and its responsibilities.
  • To understand all levels of professional cleanings.
  • To learn Inventory Management and Bookkeeping Procedures.
  • To communicate with co-workers and guests.
  • To apply Ethics and Safety Practice in work environment


  • Entry level staff like Houseman
  • Guest room attendant in Accommodation operation department at Hotels, Service Apartments.

Fee structure

Tuition Fee 2024 - 2025 (Per Sem) Other Fees (Per Sem) Total Fee 2024 - 2025 (Per Sem)