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Diploma in Karnatic Music – Vocal and Instrument


SEMESTER – I PRACTICAL 1- BASIC LEVEL Unit 1: Svaravali, JantaVarisai Unit 2: DatuVarisai, Alankarams Unit 3: Gitams and Jatisvarams Unit 4: SubramanyaBharatiyar and Bharatidasan Songs Unit 5: Tamil Thai Vazhtu and National Anthem THEORY OF MUSIC – LEVEL 1 : Basic Technical terms like Sruti, Svara, Nada, Raga, Tala, Aksharakala, Sthayi-Dathu-Mathu (For One Para) Arohana, Avarohana. Unit 1 : Technical Terms Sruti-Svara-Nada, Unit 2 : Raga – Audava – Shadava – Sampurna, Unit 3 : Talas – Sapta Talas, 35 Talas Unit 4 : Tevaram and Divyaprabandam Unit 5 : Classification of Instruments: Wind, String, Percussion. [Reference Books-South Indian Music books by Prof. Sambamoorthy Vol-1,2,3,4 ] VIEW ALL

Course Outcomes


  • To understand the origin of music and dance and its special features.
  • To acquire basic understanding about musical instruments, Ragas, Talas.
  • To know about the basic technical terms and fundamental of music. To know the rhythmic patterns and its varieties in music.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who have passed 10th standard are eligible for diploma courses. Students should submit original 10th standard mark sheet conducted by Government of Tamil Nadu or an examination accepted as equivalent thereof and Transfer Certificate.

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