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Semester 1 – Theory of Music –Paper 1

Basic concepts and Terminology

Unit 1

Scale Degrees, Tetra chords, Note values ,Dotted notes ,Ledger Lines, Clef – Treble and Bass Writing all the notes, dotted notes (including ledger line notes) in Treble clef and Bass clef.

Unit 2

Pitch,Tones, semitones,Intervals, Diatonic,Bars, bars lines, double bars,Time signatures.

Unit 3

Accidentals ,Rests and dotted rests,Study of enharmonics ,Major key study – C Major G, F, Minor – A,E,D

Unit 4

Key signatures, Cycle of fifth ,Chromatic scales ,Pentatonic scales ,Blues scale

Unit 5

Arpeggios, Dynamic, Articulations ,Cadences (perfect, imperfect and plagal) ,Triads


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