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Programme Educational Outcome (PEOs)

PROGRAMME EDUCATIONAL OUTCOME (PEOS) PEO-1:  Students will demonstrate a general tax consciousness, including an understanding of the role of taxation in society and the development of skills related to the recognition of the tax problems. PEO-2:  To familiarize with communication motivation and leadership towards directing and to analyze the process of controlling system. PEO-3:  Formulating...


Programme Outcomes (POs) & Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PROGRAM OUTCOMES (POs) PO-1: Study of this program will provide knowledge in the various areas of Accounts & Finance and laws relating to companies PO-2: Program includes various accounting courses, enables the students to gain theoretical and problem-solving ability of the students. PO-3: These courses have opened the floodgates in the area of accounts and other...