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SEMESTER – I 16GCED11:     EDUCATION IN CONTEMPORARY INDIA   Credits: 5 (4L: 1T: 0P) Hours: 6/Week   Objectives: On completion of the course, the student-teachers will be able to understand the concepts of education and its objectives. recognize major constitutional provisions for education. acquire knowledge of universalisation of elementary education, RMSA. understand the...


Course Curriculum

B.Ed. Course Structure – Theory (Code, Credits and Marks)   S. No Code  Subject Credits Marks  L T P No SEMESTER – I Perspectives in Education Studies (PES) 16GCED11 Education in Contemporary  India 4 1 0 5 100 16GCED12 Developmental stages of Learner 2 0.5 0 2.5 50 16GCED13 Teaching and Learning  – Part –I...


Courses Outcomes

PROGRAM EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES (PEOs) PEO1: Graduates will pursue higher studies in related fields of teaching and research in their core areas. PEO2: Graduates will perform as employers in private/government institutions rising to    top positions and start their own school and coaching centre, PEO3: Graduates will be able to plan, coordinate, communicate, organize, make decision...