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Programme Educational Outcomes (PEO)

PROGRAM EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES (PEOs) PEO 1: Program enables the learners to build up a professional carrier as economists, financial advisors, economics planners and policy makers. It prepares them to cope up with the obstacles involved in the process of economic development. PEO 2: Exhibits theoretical and practical knowledge of economic concepts and theories to explain...


Career Prospects

Economist Accountant Actuary Financial Consultant Financial Planner Risk Analyst Investment Analyst Economic Researcher Economics Journalist Economics Teacher/Professor and much more.


Programme Outcomes (PO) & Programme Specific Outcome (PSO)

Programme Outcomes (PO) PO 1: Logical / Analytical reasoning: Learners will effectively visualize, conceptualize, articulate, and solve complex problems or address problems that do not have a clear answer, with available information, through experimentation and observation, using microeconomic and macroeconomic theories as well as calculus and statistical tools. PO 2: Conceptualizing: Learners are capable to...