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Program Educational Objectives

PROGRAM EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES (PEOs) PEO 1:To provide the candidates with in-depth knowledge in immunology and microbiology and afirm grasp of the processes that employ or deal with microbes plus adept use of immunological techniques in relevant technologies that empowers them to deal with the safeand efficient use and monitoring of microbiological and immunological applications with...


Program Outcomes (PO) & Program Specific Outcome (PSO)

PROGRAM OUTCOMES (PO) PO1- Microbiology knowledge: Graduates will acquire microbiology specific knowledge including molecular biology, immunology and rDNA technology coupled with hands-on skills and leadership skills for a successful career. PO2- Problem analysis: Graduates will be able to analyse, solve and troubleshoot problems in implementation of microbiological protocols. PO3- Design/development of solutions: Graduates will develop...


Programme Outcomes & Programme Specific Outcomes

PROGRAM OUTCOME (PO) PO-1: Life Sciences knowledge: Successful candidates will apply current/recent specific knowledge in the respective discipline with proficiency in practical skills and leadership skills for a successful career. PO-2: Problem analysis: Successful candidates will be able to apply the knowledge in microbiology to design standards, resolve and troubleshoot problems in implementation or standardization...