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Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PROGRAMME EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES (PEOs) PEO1: Independently create and blend knowledge, present methodological reports by the way of professional and ethical practices. PEO2:Employ recent engineering tools and critical thinking in solving engineering problems and widen solutions through novelty and creativity. PEO3: Exhibit valuable project management skills in modern organizational context and maintain intellectual development through lifelong learning. PEO4:Exhibit...


Programme Outcomes (POs) & Programme Specific Outcomes(PSOs)

PROGRAMME OUTCOME (PO) PO1: Assess the problems, gather data related to the problem, generate and prioritize a set of alternative solutions, and select and implement the best alternative incorporating the recommendations of relevant codes of practice. PO2: Design, analyze, conduct numerical experiments, and interpret data of compound automotive engineering related problems. PO3: Develop automotive engineering...